About Us

The Women in the Arts organization was founded in 2005 by Dr. Barbara Harbach, professor of Music at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.


Journal Mission


WomenArts Quarterly Journal (WAQ), an initiative of Women in the Arts, aspires to nurture, provide support, and challenge women-identified artists of all cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, and abilities in their role in the arts and seeks to heighten the awareness and understanding of the achievements of women creators, by providing audiences with historical and contemporary examples of the work of women writers, composers, and artists.

Organizational Goals


The Women in the Arts (WIA) organization helps to create a more supportive climate for women in all disciplines of art through education and advocacy programs that promote the advancement of women artists from diverse backgrounds. WIA collaborates with other organizations involved in furthering the interests of women-identified creators in an effort to build a strong infrastructure that serves women in the arts nationally, ensures the long-term fiscal health of women creators, and works to end discrimination against women artists.

WIA uses meetings, newsletters, educational programs, television interviews, speeches, and negotiations with museums, galleries, musicians, symphonies, collectors, and government agencies to change outdated concepts and attitudes regarding women as professional artists.